Work From Home With Kids and Thrive
A self-paced, online course by Sparkitivity 

What if you could work productively from home?
What if you could work productively from home while your kids are home?
What if you could work productively from home while homeschooling your kids?

You can. Our Work from Home with Kids and THRIVE course will set you up for work-at-home + school-at-home success with the strategies, tools, mindset shifts, practical tips, and resources that you need to avoid extensive trial and error.\

Fielding many requests for help from professional parents during recent school and work closings, creativity and innovation expert Kathryn Haydon turned what was previously a private parent coaching series into an online course and interactive workbook to help turn a difficult time into a time of possibility for as many families as possible. Beyond temporary school closings, this course will set families up for success during future school holidays and sick days—when parents need to be working from home.

Over the past decade, Kathryn has written four books, several hundred articles, taught and trained thousands of kids, educators, and businesspeople, all while working from home and leading an innovative homeschool education for her family.

This course is based on creative problem solving strategies that Kathryn teaches her corporate clients, with direct application to working and schooling at home.

Corporate and school licenses are available for the Interactive Workbook and the course.

 You will learn: 

  • mindset shifts for home learning and working;
  • how to schedule your time for optimal productivity;
  • how to set key boundaries and expectations;
  • new ways for kids to learn;
  • foundational actions for self-care;
  • how to discover resources you didn’t even know you had;
  • creative problem solving practices to use with your family;
  • how to teach your kids while you get stuff done;
  • how to involve your kids in the process of their own education and happiness.

You will get:

  • access to full Work from Home with Kids and Thrive online, self-paced course hosted in our private Facebook social learning community;
  • 10 learning units, each with a combination of video tutorials, workbook downloads, discussion questions, family activities, and resources. Units will be rolled out through March 22, 2020;
  • membership to the Work from Home with Kids and Thrive Facebook community for resources and support;
  • live hot seat coaching and Q&A sessions in the Facebook group to answer your individual questions

Course is a $2,700 value as a private coaching series; pilot members pay only $97!
($397 after April 15, 2020)

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