In case you missed it, Superintendent Andrew Selesnick sent out a message informing everyone that KLSD fields and tracks are temporarily closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. See below:


Dear KLSD Community,

Yesterday, the Lewisboro Police were again on our John Jay campus to disburse groups from our fields. 

We must now close the facilities entirely. Starting today, entrances to the middle and high school campus are blocked. There should be no use of our athletic facilities by anyone while schools remain closed. This is consistent with steps taken by other schools in our area. We simply cannot ask our first responders to spend their valuable time at our schools enforcing the Governor’s rule about social distancing. 

Please know that lunches will continue to be available (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) at the John Jay High School main entrance for any students who need them. During the hours and days when lunches are available, staff will be present to move the entrance barrier. We ask that you leave campus as soon as you have collected the meals. Thank you. 

To all our families who are celebrating holidays tonight and in the coming days, I hope they bring joy during these challenging times.

As always, be safe and be well.

Andrew Selesnick, Superintendent of Schools 

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