You had us at ‘Partnership’

When the Pound Ridge Partnership contacts us, we are happy to answer the call. With so many exciting yearly events such as the Bake Off, Color Run, Proud Day, Food Truck Friday, and the Harvest Fest, this amazing organization puts on some of the biggest events of the region. Katonah Connect has done it all from celebrity interviews, tour bus videos, beer breweries, and goat interviews (you read that right.) 


Katonah Connect | Harvest Fest and Blues Traveler, "POUND TOWN!"

October 5, 2022 1:53 am

Music to our ears

Our partnership with Caramoor has been a wonderful experience, now spanning years. We have proudly covered their American Roots Festival, Jazz Festival and a multitude of concerts and events. Whether it’s interviewing some of their biggest performers or covering the many community focused events, we always have a fun and unique time with the great team at this cultural institution.


Playing Nice at the Playhouse

The team at the Bedford Playhouse is always coming up with fun community events for the area. Whether it’s the Yellow Brick Road Fest, the many stellar musical and dramatic performances, or their highly anticipated yearly gala, there is a lot to do. We have enjoyed both their style and sense of fun when it comes to thinking up fun new ways to promote their events.


Katonah Connect | Broadway in Bedford

September 29, 2022 8:31 pm