Our Covers

Our January/February 2023 front cover is an abstract reflection of the home designed by Creative Directory Justin Negard. During our research for this issue, we discovered that people’s definition of home varies in scale, style and emotion. So it was important that we didn’t define the home with too much permanence. Negard’s cover evokes decor and architecture using simple forms: the doorway, which is presented as a basic stroke, is a reflection of returning home, both physically and emotionally. The colors are bright and optimistic. Welcome home!

The back cover for this issue is “Tavira Memory” by local artist Vincent Baldassano whose work is inspired by his international travels, world cultures and history. “Tavira Memory,” an oil on canvas, reflects a gorgeous church that Baldassano visited during his time in Portugal. The visual is vague and clear all at once. The structure is noticable immediately, yet the details emerge gradually. This piece was selected for its beauty and as further reference to our theme for this issue.