Moving in Our Own Direction

Over 100 years ago, New York City politely asked the good people of Katonah to just go away because they needed more water. The plan? Flood out a few small towns in Westchester to create a reservoir for the big brother to the south.

Yet unlike the folks in Kirbyville and New Castle Corners, the residents of Katonah did not go quietly into that good night. They fought the decision in and out of courts, and they refused to give up their community. When all else failed, they literally packed up their town and moved. With ingenuity and patience, Katonah’s residents built tracks and utilized horses to move their homes and businesses out of harm’s way, delivering each one to its current location.

It is this spirit of creativity and pride that Katonah Connect is about. We shine a light on the real people of our community – the creative, the inspirational, the thought-provoking, the colorful, the humorous, the sporty and the just-plain-weird folks who shape our town’s soul.

We’re not merely another suburb of Manhattan. We’re more than mansions and celebrity playgrounds. Yes Martha, we love you, but we are also a community of parents, grandparents, friends, entrepreneurs, artists, athletes, kids and so much more. Katonah Connect is here to tell those stories.

Like our ancestors, we continue to love our community, to believe in our town, and to never let anything stand in our way. Our legacy remains, but our future has yet to be written. We are moving in our own direction.