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Apple Pie bake-off event at the Mt. Kisco Farmer’s Market on September 17th at 12pm hosted by celebrity chef Luke Deardurff.

8 slots remaining and contestants can email to register –
Only one pie per entry and Luke is inviting a panel.

The contest will be judged on:

1)Flavor – looking for strength and balance of flavors
2)Filling – texture and mouthfeel (too runny? too firm?)
3)Crust – texture and flavor and after-taste of top and bottom (flaky, etc)
4)Overall Impression – Appearance before and after cutting. Wow factor, difficulty, creativity and uniqueness (looking for classic flavor back to childhood)

About Luke:
In 2005 pastry chef Luke Deardurff moved to NYC to pursue his dream of becoming a world class chef. His Midwest, country roots shine through in his passion for his ingredients and for the hands that grow them. He has spent the last 18 years honing is craft and his philosophy in the kitchen, and the last 10 years leading award winning pastry programs at Aretsky’s Patroon in Manhattan, and The Barn at The Bedford Post Inn. His drive, his desire to work with only the best ingredients, and his curiosity of flavors from around the world, have earned him a place in Michelin Guide, and Forbes Magazine, as well as win season 9 of Food Network’s “Spring Baking Championship”.
In addition to honing his skills, Luke’s philosophy and approach in the kitchen have evolved over the years. To him, ingredients as more than just food, but a collection of stories and energy. Luke prides himself on growing produce and herbs when and where he can, and making connections with the farmers and families growing when he can’t. He loves to read about the culinary history of plants and spices, learning where they originated, how they got here, how are they used in the kitchen, in medicine, and historically in spiritual practices around the world, and takes all of this into consideration when creating new dishes.

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