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Donation Total: $5.00

Why are we asking for donations?

Katonah Connect takes a lot of time to manage, and the job is currently being done by only two people – both with families at home and a great deal on their plate. It’s a lot of work to take on. So even though the mission of Katonah Connect is purely to help the town during a very difficult time in our world, donations provide that we can continue maintaining the site.

Can people use the site if they don’t make a donation?

The site is still here for you even if you can’t donate anything. Our goal is the same either way: to do our small part to help the community get through the Coronavirus and its economic fallout.

Are you using this money for world domination?

We can neither confirm nor deny any plans to blow up the moon, nor do we know anything about a secret lair under Muscoot Reservoir. What’s with all the questions??