When La Maison Fête founders Brett Cameron and Deanna Marano originally opened their shop on 11 Court Road in Bedford in May of 2022, their goal was to have an office space with a few things for sale. But, things didn’t quite go as planned.

“When we first opened, it was very small, and then we expanded over time, but had never quite thought of it as a retail space,” says Marano. “Eventually, we decided it was time for a refresh since we do have a lot more inventory now.   We really wanted to design it as an actual retail space that was focused on our products. When we decided on how the store should look and feel, it was easier to start from scratch”

Their remodeled store features many of the same luxurious tabletop and home entertainment items, beautiful jewelry and gifts, and chic clothing that customers loved, but with a new, more open layout.

“We created more walkable space through the store,” Cameron explains. “We’ve added new shelving, which lets people touch things and move things around, and we painted the walls a greenish-gray color. We also added new clothing racks and lighting as well as increased the number of products we’re selling.” 

Another addition to the store is a new dressing room.  

“Customers used to try on clothes in the back of the store, which wasn’t very comfortable,” says Marano. “But now, they have a dedicated space where they can take their time and try things on.” 

In addition to designing an easy-to-navigate retail location, it’s Cameron and Marano who make shopping a stress-free experience. 

“Sometimes, when you walk into a store, you can feel a little lost,” says Marano. “You wonder, ‘What goes with this? Does this go with that? What does this do?’ We’re here to guide our customers through the store so there are no questions.” 

And to top it all off, Cameron is your go-to girl when it comes to vintage items. She’s passionate about what she calls “the hunt” to find the perfect pieces, many of which are for sale in their store.

In addition to the retail space, La Maison Fête is a full-service event design company that began in 2013. Cameron and Marano specialize in all types of celebrations – ranging from weddings and private events to birthdays and anniversaries. Their mission is to create “beautiful and flawless events” for each client. And now, event planning clients have the option of bringing Cameron and Marano’s signature design aesthetic into their home.  

When choosing items to carry in their store, this event expertise, along with their previous careers, are never far from their mind. For example, before co-founding La Maison Fête, Marano worked in the world of fashion. so she combines those two passions when selecting clothing for the store. 

“When you’re hosting a party, you need a great dress or a great top,” she explains. “So we also carry a variety of beautiful clothing you can wear to a range of events.”

And because La Maison Fête loves interacting and collaborating with other local artists and creators, they’re hosting a trunk show on April 27 from noon to 7:00 p.m. for the Manhattan-based clothing brand Cara Cara. 

“Cara Cara’s clothing is very Bedford and very fun,” says Cameron, who grew up with the designer.  “It’s kind of a preppy but sophisticated look that’s comfortable and easy to wear.” 

The trunk show will include food and drinks, an in-person tarot card reader from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., and of course, a large selection of Cara Cara’s latest spring and summer collections. 

Store imagery courtesy of Rhonda Spevak. 

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