At Katonah Connect, we have a very strict “you must embarrass your kids” policy. We’ve found one of the easiest ways to do this is with something we like to call “roll-up music.” Roll-up music is the music you blast with your windows down as you drive into a crowded place. School drop-off, baseball practice, King Kone…wherever our kids make us go, we make sure they know who controls the radio. So at Pound Ridge’s Proud Day last weekend, we decided to ask a few people about their favorite roll-up music, and we were pleased to learn that roll-up music is alive and well in our little corner of Westchester.

Jane Crimmins, South Salem

Katonah Connect: What’s your favorite roll-up music?

JC: I don’t do it intentionally all the time, but I play Sirius XM. And in the last year, my kids have said, “When you pick me up in school, you need to turn the music off, okay?”

KC: Is there a specific type of music?

JC: Shameless pop music, just shameless pop music. Right now, it’s about Lizzo. I love her. I really feel like I must go see her live.

KC: You’re one of those supercool parents, aren’t you? Because you don’t do it on purpose – you’re just a cool mom.

JC: Well, I’m just in my brain listening to my music, and I don’t even realize there’s a world outside that can see me and hear me when my windows are down.

Mary Shah, Lewisboro

Katonah Connect: What’s your favorite roll-up music?

MS: If I have to pick one, it would be Parliament.

KC: Awesome! We’re here for that. Can we organize some sort of car cruise? We’ll just roll up to different places, blasting our favorite songs.

MS: Yes! Although lately, I’ve been listening to a lot of Prince.

KC: What’s your favorite Prince song?

MS: How can I answer that question?

JC: “When Doves Cry,” of course!

KC: Jane for the win! Perhaps we need to film our car cruise? We’ll be the talk of the town, in a good way, of course. Mary, do you have a favorite Parliament song?

MS: “Flash Light.”

KC: Nice.

Jason Pignatiello, Waccabuc

Katonah Connect: What’s your favorite roll-up music?

JP: Lady Gaga’s “Born this Way.”

KC: Wow, you didn’t even hesitate!

JP: No. I love that song.

KC: Yeah, Gaga does it right, and she’s the perfect choice for today.

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