You didn’t ask for it, but I delivered! Here are five cool things to think about this weekend. From books to beauty to booze, there’s plenty here this week to ponder, sip, sniff and enjoy. 

Milton Glaser, “Posters”

Let’s face it. There’s no disputing the sexiness of graphic designers. Whether it’s the sensual musculature of their mouse-clicking fingers or their sommelier-like knowledge of fonts, people are drawn to their raw animal magnetism.

Milton Glaser stands high above them all as the quintessential graphics guru. Most famous for his iconic I Heart NY logo and psychedelic Bob Dylan posters, Glaser turned advertisements into high art, referencing renaissance masters such as Piero della Francesca in his work. 

His book, which is simply titled “Posters,” will give any reader a fascinating course on poster design and visual arts. Or, you can just leave it on your coffee table and pretend you know what he’s talking about.

Orchid Show at the NYBG

Do you really need me to tell you why you should go? It’s the orchid show! It’s the New York Botanical Gardens! Stop reading and go! Actually, finish reading, then go.

This year’s show, “The Orchid Show: Jeff Leatham’s Kaleidoscope” features an installation by Jeff Leatham. Mirrors are strategically hung to reflect a variety of orchid arrangements, leaving an illusion of infinite beauty. One orchid becomes two, one thousand orchids become a whole lot more. Halfway through the show, you will find yourself in a “kaleidoscopic tunnel of lights” as rainbows stream around you like ocean waves.

The entire show is spectacular, and it’s great for both adults and kids. Just don’t let your toddler eat the orchids. My daughter hated them.


As a breathing human being on planet earth, you probably love limoncello. But have you ever tried limoncino? It’s extremely similar to limoncello. Like, nearly the same. But whereas limoncello comes from the Amalfi region, limoncino is the northern version – think the Cinque Terre region. In some people’s opinion, this means a thicker, stronger, more lemonesque result. Is it the lemons? A slightly different climate? Too much pasta on the brain? Maybe all of the above.

Some will tell you it’s the same drink with a different name. They are wrong. Splash your limoncino in their undeservedly arrogant faces, then order a second one.

The FBI Guide to Internet Slang

In 2014, the FBI released an 83-page report on the usage of internet slang. This covers everything from LOL to the more cryptic NTTAWWT (Not That There’s Anything Wrong With That). The design geniuses at Pentagram decided to make a wonderful little booklet out of this report with cryptic puzzles and solutions included on the back of each page.

Two fonts are utilized for this project which, according to Pentagram, “are fittingly named Edgar Sans and Clyde Slab in honor of longtime FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover and his deputy and alleged lover Clyde Tolson.” Is it peculiar and random? Absolutely.


The word of the day is duende. Originating largely from the flamenco culture of southern Spain, it is a word that describes a pronounced and powerful appreciation of life, and along with it, a heightened awareness of death. 

In 1929, Spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca spoke of duende as “a momentary burst of inspiration, the blush of all that is truly alive, all that the performer is creating at a certain moment.”

Today, the term can be used more loosely. When you’re in the zone, and the world seems to be conspiring in your favor, this is duende. Bring duende to this weekend. Enjoy.

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Justin is an award-winning designer and photographer. He was the owner and creative director at Future Boy Design, producing work for clients such as National Parks Service, Vintage Cinemas, The Tarrytown Music Hall, and others. His work has appeared in Bloomberg TV, South by Southwest (SXSW), Edible Magazine, Westchester Magazine, Refinery 29, the Art Directors Club, AIGA and more.

Justin is a two-time winner of the International Design Awards, American Photography and Latin America Fotografia. Vice News has called Justin Negard as “one of the best artists working today.”

He is the author of two books, On Design, which discusses principles and the business of design, and Bogotà which is a photographic journey through the Colombian capital.

Additionally, Justin has served as Creative Director at CityMouse Inc., an NYC-based design firm which provides accessible design for people with disabilities, and has been awarded by the City of New York, MIT Media Lab and South By Southwest.

He lives in Katonah with his wonderfully patient wife, son and daughter.