You didn’t ask for it, but I delivered! Here are five cool things to think about. Circus clowns, sustainable art, a trip across the galaxy and a trip to Sesame Street. Follow your passion and read on.

“Circus” by Bruce Davidson

It’s 1958 and the circus is in town at Palisades Park, New Jersey. A 24 year-old Bruce Davidson (future legendary photographer) takes a ride over from Greenwich Village to photograph this peculiar spectacle. The images are even eerier now than they were then, as Davidson captures a dreamy yet gloomy moment in American culture. There was every reason to believe this was a happy day for many in the crowd, but Davidson scratches beneath the surface to reveal more.

John Williams

Last week, I had the immense and nerdy pleasure of seeing John Williams perform with the Philadelphia Orchestra at Carnegie Hall. Featuring Anne-Sophie Mutter on violin, the crowd was treated to both cinematic and exclusive work by Williams himself, including songs from “Harry Potter,” “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” and “E.T.” When “Star Wars” hit, the crowd officially lost their minds. The man is in his 90s now, and still the king. Find him on Spotify. He’s mad gangsta’.  Here’s an idea of how it went down (this video is not of Carnegie Hall).

Artist Natalya Khorover

Now showing at Oak & Oil in Katonah, artist Natalya Khorover is doing some awesomely bizarre and amazing things with her work. Her work features beautiful urban and floral images, but Khorover adds an extra layer of surprise by creating these gorgeous pieces using single-use plastics, vintage linens, dryer sheets and other materials destined for our overflowing landfills. Stay tuned for more from Khorover and Katonah Connect.

The Jim Henson Exhibition

The always cool design agency, Collins, worked with The Museum of the Moving Image to create a fantastic exhibition on all things Jim Henson. The Muppets are there, as are characters from Fraggle Rock and Sesame Street. Featuring brilliant branding and environmental design, Henson’s work is given the attention it truly deserves. Go check it out before your childhood self comes on over and kicks you in the shins.

“Reason is the slave of passions.”

Hume’s words, not mine. But this simple phrase says a whole lot. Some could interpret it as reason needing passion to make things happen. That’s probably true. But one could also interpret this as an explanation for the human psyche. It explains why so many are polarized by politics, religion and culture, and how two people with completely different ideologies are convinced that theirs is the right one. A great quote for America today.

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Justin is an award-winning designer and photographer. He was the owner and creative director at Future Boy Design, producing work for clients such as National Parks Service, Vintage Cinemas, The Tarrytown Music Hall, and others. His work has appeared in Bloomberg TV, South by Southwest (SXSW), Edible Magazine, Westchester Magazine, Refinery 29, the Art Directors Club, AIGA and more.

Justin is a two-time winner of the International Design Awards, American Photography and Latin America Fotografia. Vice News has called Justin Negard as “one of the best artists working today.”

He is the author of two books, On Design, which discusses principles and the business of design, and Bogotà which is a photographic journey through the Colombian capital.

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