Nichole Wilder knows her flowers. From rose bouquets to peonies; shasta daisies to hydrangeas, her neighborhood flower shop, Wild Fig, lives and breathes the floral arts. Nichole is one of our local authorities on budding beauties, and spring is her specialty. 

So as the earth begins to thaw, the birds chirp a little bit louder and the smell of new grass trickles into our open windows, we turned to Nichole for a little springtime inspiration. For her, tulips are the quintessential seasonal stars. Here are five of her favorite tulip varieties that will add a splash of color, life and beauty to any home.

1. Double Tulip

It’s a classic. The bright colors and simple forms of the double tulip present a deceivingly uncomplicated presentation. However, as this flower gradually opens its pedals, its more complex form emerges. The result is a lush and curvaceous design, with the double flower petals presenting themselves in a layout that harkens more to a rose than a standard tulip.

2. French Double Tulip

French tulips are known for their size. As the tallest and largest of tulips, French tulips create a powerful impression. So when the French Double tulip came along, this exciting flower proved even more substantial. Thick, intricate waves of color reveal themselves as these mighty blooms open up. This is a tulip that begins with a colorful bang and only gets better.

3. Parrot Tulip

The ruffled and sharp forms of this tulip are stunning. Named after the choppy beak of a parrot, these fascinating flowers somehow manage the unthinkable: to be a tulip that is both endearing and intimidating. The unpredictable edging of these blooms provides the perfect contrast to a springtime floral display, bringing exciting colors, bespeckled stamen and a thrilling presence to any design.

4. Peony Tulip

One look at the Peony tulip, and you’ll understand its name. This tulip brings the thickness and presence of a peony flower to an early spring presentation. Its early spherical form is simple and gorgeous, and it will certainly be immediately familiar to any lover of its namesake. Much like its loveable cousin (only by name as this is not a peony-tulip hybrid), this flower grows more beautiful as it emerges into full life, bringing layers of soft, lush petals into view.

5. Frill Tulip

Is it a tulip or a dance? This gorgeous flower has energy and movement to it, with forms that sway and flow as one looks upon it. The frills that give this majestic tulip its name bring softness and color differentiation, more closely resembling abstract art than a blooming flower. Alone, a Frill tulip is hypnotic. However, in a full bouquet, the presentation of this flower is like an entire ballet company.

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